Any individual (Vietnamese or from abroad) who got bachelor or master’s degree in Computer Science or related engineering fields, is eligible to apply for Research Assistant and Pre-PhD program.
The RAs can be flexible from 6 months up to one year.
The RA salary will be up to 1000$ per month depend on term of contract.
Applications should submit:
- a cover letter that includes a personal statement for research and PhD study
- a CV that includes any publications/awards and the contact details of 2 referees
- a copy of electronic academic
VISHC will provide research funding for about 10 selected projects that focus on smart healthcare and biomedical research with meaningful impact and intellectual advancement. Through these projects, training 50 Master students at UIUC, 25 PhDs with degrees from UIUC and 25 PhDs with degrees from VinUni, and 10 Postdoc Scholars.