VISHC Welcomes New Members On Board

Starting from the 1st of March, 2023, we are honored to welcome three outstanding researchers Dr. Phan Le Minh Tu, Ngo Minh Tan, and Nguyen Canh Hoang to come and work at VISHC.

Dr. Phan Le Minh Tu

Dr. Minh Tu is a recipient of the Postdoctoral Fellowship at VISHC. Prior to VISHC, he obtained his Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry at Chung-Ang University, Korea (2020) and has been working as an Assistant Professor at Gachon University, Korea as well as the Vice Head of Functional Medicine, Medical Laboratory Technology Department at The University of Danang – School of Medicine and Pharmacy. He has won Golden Globe Science and Technology Award for his outstanding performance and was recognized for excellence in the field of medicine in Vietnam. He is currently working in Clinical Biochemistry and interested in developing superior biosensing and phototherapy platforms based on advanced nanomaterials that can be utilized in biomedical applications.

Ngo Minh Tan

Minh Tan graduated from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia majoring in Data Science in 2022. Prior to VISHC, he has worked as a Bioinformatics researcher intern at VinBigData and IT Architect intern at IBM. His research interests include Machine Learning and Deep Learning with a focus on Natural Language Processing. Besides, he is also a keen tennis player and a globetrotter.

Nguyen Canh Hoang

Canh Hoang received his undergraduate degree with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). In 2017, he won the Gold Medal for the International Mathematical Olympiad. Prior to VISHC, he has worked on multiple international research projects as a research assistant. He has also published and presented his work at different workshops and conferences (RCV ECCV 2022 workshop, Arxiv Preprint, MIDL 2021).

VISHC hopes to become the place that supports young scientists to pursue their passion in smart health applications and research. With the joining of three incredible new members, VISHC looks forward to many more scientific milestones in the journey ahead.