AI in Medicine | The VISHC Undergraduate Research Experience Program



The VISHC Undergraduate Research Experience Program

Open Date: November 25, 2022 – Close Date: December 10, 2022

A research opportunity focusing on the applications of AI in medical fields. Open to all VinUniversity students with interest.


The VISHC Undergraduate Research Experience Program (VISHC Research Program) is designed to encourage and support VinUni undergraduate students who are engaged in AI, Data Science and Medicine. We provide students with an opportunity to do cutting-edge research on the applications of AI and data-driven approaches to improve patient care. Over 9-12 months, students receive training to work on high-impact research problems with our Principal Investigators, Postdocs, PhD students and graduate research assistants. This program is a joint effort between CECS, CHS, and VISHC.


What we do

We aim to tackle crucial problems in medicine that require Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. The technical work involves developing Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions to analyze multiple medical data modalities. We will navigate topics that vary across clinical domains, from radiology to cardiology. In particular, we focus on developing new data-driven solutions for medical data analysis to detect early diseases (e.g., cancers) and assist doctors in making fast and precise diagnoses. Below are some examples.

  • AI-based Medical Image Analysis for Early Detection and Diagnosis
  • Multimodal Biomedical AI
  • Causal Inference in Medicine and in Health Policy  
  • Explainable AI  
  • Digital Health with Federated Learning  
  • NLP-based Clinical Text (Electronic Health Records, Medical/Lab Reports) Understanding.  


What you learn

  • You will participate in a scoped-out research project with a small team from scratch to finish (conception to co-authoring a manuscript).
  • You will receive mentorship from VinUni’s Principal Investigators, Postdocs, PhD students and Graduate Research Assistants.
  • You will have a chance to develop knowledge of cutting-edge medical AI research, as well as machine learning tools in group discussions and skills building sessions. 

VISHC sincerely appreciates young talents who are passionate about research and offer those who work with us and show excellent research performance an opportunity to join the batch of students sent to 3+2 and 4+1 exchange programs with VinUni’s partner schools across the world.


What we expect

The VISHC Research Program is fast-paced and highly collaborative. As a result, candidates are expected to be able to dedicate between 10-15 hours per week over the course of the research project (typical time: 9-12 months), attending at least one large group meeting once a month based on agreed schedule. You are encouraged to be active and contribute creatively to these meetings. 

While the program does not require expert knowledge, interest and passion in the fields of AI, Data Science, and Precision Medicine are bonus points. 


How to apply

You are eligible to apply for the program as long as you are: VinUniversity undergraduate students and Engaged in research related to AI and biomedical engineering and medicine. We encourage people of diverse backgrounds and experiences (CECS, CBM, or CHS) to apply. Submit your application following the plan below.

We will reach out to you via given mail if you are selected for the interview round.